Cool Careers

Math and science career choices are among the most highly esteemed career choices in modern
societies. Without those in careers like medicine, physics and engineering, the world would be a
very different place.

Electrical Engineer

Education requirements

Education requirements vary but, electrical engineers usually need a four year bachelor’s degree in the field. Some positions may require a graduate degree. Engineers should be creative, analytical, and detail oriented. Communication skills are becoming increasingly important as engineers frequently interact with specialists in a wide range of fields outside engineering.

Meet an Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers use the technology of electricity to design new and better electronics, test equipment and solve problems. Generally working with a team, typical projects might involve smart phone systems, robots, cars, airplane electrical systems, lighting and wiring in buildings, navigation systems, and more. Using design software to figure out the circuitry and wiring of components, you’ll build prototypes and conduct extensive tests. Since many projects don’t work the first time, engineers test their designs to determine the problem and find a solution.