Speech Dissector

With the Speech Dissector, you can break your words up into syllables. This is the same way voice recognition software works ­— it recognizes syllables and then strings them together into a word. You can have your own fun with syllables with the following activity. Say the words out loud; first slowly, then quickly. Try it quickly or try it slowly. Those who are listening will try to figure out what phrase you are actually saying. Say the syllables into the Speech Dissector or your own recorder and play it back. Is it easier to understand? If all else fails, see the answers below.

Hit Seven Cent
Cow Funk Who Ledge
Noah’s Cape Ferment
Know Whiff Fans Herb Huts
Wide Hidden Juke All
Abe Who Beat Wrap
Abe Each Dwell
Aisle Me Chew Have Weigh
Abe High Hollow Cheat Each Her
Up Racked Hick Gulch Oak
Eye Pillow Fizz Sign
Hits Owe Wad
Rye Doubt These Dorm
Wheel Yum Air Ream He
Sea Grit Dress Up Ease
Yore Luke Ink Hood
Ace Lip Puff That Hung
Bat Tree Snot Ink Looted 
Canoe Key Pace He Grit 
Pier Steers
Isle of View

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1. It’s heaven sent
2. Calvin Coolidge 
3. No escape from it 
4. No ifs, ands, or buts 
5. Why didn’t you call 
6. A booby trap 
7. A beached whale 
8. I’ll meet you halfway 
9. A biology teacher 
10. A practical joke 
11. Apple of his eye 
12. It’s so odd 
13. Ride out the storm 
14. Will you marry me 
15. Secret recipes 
16. You’re looking good 
17. A slip of the tongue 
18. Batteries not included 
19. Can you keep a secret? 
20. Pierced ears 
21. I love you